Most people when they think of roofing, or roof repair or roof guttering do not associate it with a plumber or as part of the day to day tasks that may be carried out by a plumber.

Roofing and guttering play an integral role in keeping out mould within the home and the subsequent allergies that such infestations can bring, clogged gutters can cause an overflow into the roofs of houses, creating not only wet damp areas within your ceiling, but also potentially dangerous situations with electrical wiring located within the roof cavity.

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You may have installed or wish to install rain water tanks to harvest rain water, you will not harvest nearly as much of the rain water run-off as you would like if your guttering is full of leaves and other organic debris, furthermore roofing gutters full or debris and organic matter also present a greater risk to you home if you are in within the travelling distance of embers from a grass fire or bush fire nearby.

To engage a plumber to do some form of roof repair is a very small price to pay when you consider the damage that welling water can create if left unattended within your roof cavity.

The simple replacement of a roof gutter and downpipes and gutter cleaning may be all it takes to eliminate that damp spot within your yard that always appears to collect and hold water.

New roofing or new guttering will improve the street appeal of your home, it adds value as well as providing the peace of mind you need when that big summer rain storm blows through, knowing that you are properly diverting water run-off to where it needs to go, rather than it finding weaknesses within your roofing structure and invading your roof cavity and potentially doing thousands of dollars in damage.

All homes are different, but they can all suffer from the same basic problems, nothing a little roof repair and maintenance cannot fix, don’t be shy, when it comes to roofing, we have the solutions to keeping you and your family high and dry. Contact us for Roofing & Guttering in Campbelltown, Liverpool and the MacArthur District.