Drinking Water Services

Drinking water systems can comprise a wide range of drinking water applications from basic under the sink water filters, to a broader range of water filter systems to accommodate for the water filtration or water purification needs of the entire family.

We can go for weeks without food but no more than three days without drinking water, water is used to replenish our cells, help to filter our liver and provide good kidney function, yet something so basic that most of us take for granted.

Filtered water on tap

Drinking Water Design System


Most of us take our drinking water straight from the tap usually through old dirty water pipes, which can hold years of built up scum and grime, we understand the need for clean drinking water, but it appears that drinking water from the household tap is something that we take for granted, or we minimise the amount of actual drinking water we take in each day as a result of the taste., and turn to more expensive alternatives such as soft drinks.

It’s amazing, have you ever stopped to think how much you spend on soft drink a week? Or the fact that it is cheaper to buy petrol than bottled drinking water.

If your drinking water that has gone through a water purifier or water filtration system, you do not get that metallic – chemical after taste that most people experience when drinking water from a tap, the benefit is that you regain your natural thirst for clean drinking water and actually begin to cut back on the amount of soft drink that you consume, the other side benefit of water filter systems or water purifiers is that water is a natural appetite suppressant, so you not only save money with a new drinking water filter system, you can probably lose some weight as well.

So if you are serious about saving money and improving the health of your family by providing clean fresh drinking water without the contaminants, just give us a call or drop us an email, we are more than happy to sit down and discuss your families needs and to design a system that will give you all the benefits that come with having clean fresh drinking water on tap for you and your family. Contact us for Water filtration in Campbelltown, Liverpool and the MacArthur District.